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building 1 renovation

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With over 14,000 square feet of space, the GBA team was responsible for demolishing and renovating the second floor of the Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System - Building 1 in Iowa City, Iowa. The renovated space housed the newly constructed MOHS and Cardiology departments, procedure and exam rooms, offices, waiting areas, anesthesia and break rooms.


All construction work was performed while the facility remained fully occupied and operational. During construction, patients and staff were isolated by fire rated/clean room construction barriers and a negative air environment to precluded airborne contaminants and dust from infiltrating into the occupied and clean room spaces. Infectious Control Risk Assessment measures were utilized, and shift-work and temporary acoustic barriers were implemented to minimize the effects of noise and vibration.


This project included several scheduled power outages, power transfers and provisions of temporary emergency power where mission critical scopes were required to be completed within a specified time frame. During these shutdowns, construction operations continued for 24-hour cycles until regular power was restored.


GBA partnered with the client to phase construction, accelerating the construction schedule to ensure the project budget was maintained.


Department of Veterans Affairs

Completion Date

Anticipated Fall 2022

Project Size

14,000 Sq. ft.

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