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GBA builders, understands the rigorous requirements of the Federal government and has experts ready to provide services. Our knowledgeable staff, is ready to serve Federal clients nationwide through new construction, renovations, and upgrades.

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Government Partnerships

GBA Builders is a full-service general contractor with a passion for providing exceptional service to our Federal clients nationwide. Our team is a leader in new construction, renovation, and infrastructure upgrades for our military’s army bases, air force bases, veteran’s hospitals, and numerous other federal installations. We continue to meet the evolving needs of the industry by assisting our clients in understanding and delivering the most effective product in support of the Federal Government’s mission. GBA Builders has built valued partnerships with the following agencies:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • US Air Force

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • General Services Administration

  • US Department of Agriculture

  • Department of Energy

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Government services

Through our valued partnerships, our Team has completed the following project types within both design/bid/build and design/build delivery methods:

  • New construction

  • Interior renovations

  • Exterior building renovations

  • Exterior infrastructure upgrades

  • Civil construction

  • Interior MEP/FP system upgrades

  • Architectural upgrades

  • Demolition, abatement, remediation


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Project Manager, Government Services