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Careers in Construction - Cris Arias

When Cris Arias was young, he thought he wanted to be an engineer. As a teenager, he enjoyed taking things apart and trying to put them back together. His first taste of construction was when his parents bought a farm with a house that had an unfinished basement - the kids were put to work. Cris enjoyed the experience and entered Kansas State University with the intention to graduate with an engineering degree.

As an engineering major, Cris quickly realized that the amount of calculus needed to be successful was more than he was willing, so he switched to construction science and management. It was there Cris thrived - after graduation Cris gained employment at a government contractor and after several years of learning and growing professionally, he made the move to GBA Builders.

For those wanting to become a project manager, Cris offers the following advice, “Learn all the facts before you make any decisions. You need to be a good communicator and pay attention to detail.”

Contact Cris at or chat with him on LinkedIn.

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