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Careers in Construction Month - Doug Webb

Growing up in Doug Webb’s blue-collar household meant fixing your things and taking care of what you own. As a result, Doug grew up with an aptitude for the industrial arts, succeeding when presented with the opportunity to build and create. During his high school years, Doug was able to build two houses while at his trade school, allowing him to learn what it really takes to be in construction.

As a carpenter by trade, Doug has the skills to work across the industry. He has held a myriad of positions including owner of his own company. Before joining GBA Builders, he became an assistant superintendent for a general contractor focusing on residential and healthcare projects. Within a year, Doug was promoted and running his own healthcare projects.

Since moving to GBA Builders, Doug has become an essential part of the team. As a superintendent, Doug is responsible for the entire project from the notice to proceed to close-out. He is the on-site management for each project focusing on safety, personnel, records management schedule maintenance, OAC meetings, overall cleanliness of the site and equipment and material tracking. He also aids the employees on-site, ensuring they can complete their job and do their best.

Doug’s advice to those wanting to be a superintendent?

“Try to be employed in field operations as early as you can. Construction management and trade schools can help you learn to read plans and get a good foundation.” He elaborates, “you need to be a people person, respect those around you and have interpersonal skills. Try not to micromanage and run your site with integrity.”

Connect with Doug by emailing him at!

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