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Careers in Construction Month - Nathan Mccune

Growing up on the edge of a growing town, Nate McCune was able to experience construction at an early age. As a child, Nate would often watch houses being built and then walk the site. As a teenager, his interest grew as he enrolled in shop class, learning the foundation for where he is today.

Nate earned his Construction Management degree from Pitt State University and shortly after started working with a traditional general contractor. After almost 18 years, Nate made the move to GBA Builders joining the Life Sciences Group. He quickly became an invaluable member of the team, his knowledge of contracts, construction processes and risk management allowed him to succeed in this niche market.

For those wanting to be a Director, Nate offers the following advice, “Get as much field experience as possible, know what the field crews experience, you can’t manage it well, if you don’t how to build it yourself. Be humble during your career and listen more than you talk. This industry is full of very smart individuals that are willing to help your career if you’re willing to listen.”

As Director of Life Sciences, Nate is responsible for the overall success of the market. He works diligently to provide the best service to each stakeholder. He is excited to work with all of GBA Companies Life Science teams to be a part of an engineering, construction, commissioning, and validation solution with great client partnerships on successful projects.

Contact Nate at or chat with him on LinkedIn.

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