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GBA Builders Superintendent Event

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In February, GBA Builders superintendents attended two days of training dedicated to improving processes, safety and efficiency.

The first day of training was focused on relationship building, safety 101, social media best practices and company updates. Attendees were able to ask questions and share thoughts directly to leadership.

Communication was the theme of the second day of training. By building trust and relationships through open communication, employees excel not only professionally, but also personally. Quality active listening is one of the most important traits of a good leader. Attendees were able to learn from leadership the quality and importance of the new corporate strategy and structure of GBA.

One of GBA’s core values is to foster a learning environment. These training sessions serve as an opportunity to not only update employees on company procedures and policies, but also to share experiences and collaborate on ideas to broaden knowledge of the industry and in turn be able to relay that information back to their project teams.

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