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Leader to Leader - Jason Conklin

Josh's Thoughts

It has been said a great leader would never ask someone to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. This motto is something that our next podcast guest lives by. Jason Conklin has worked his way through the field and office to his current position as president of Infrastructure Solutions (I-Solutions). Jason understands communicating can be difficult – particularly when employees work in the field and the office. Understanding how best to communicate is imperative when parties want to collaborate and keep moving forward. In this episode of Leader to Leader, Jason shares his thoughts on how his career has molded his leadership and communication style and as a result, I-Solutions has experienced exponential growth.

Consistent Communication is Key

With both field and office employees on staff, it’s necessary to keep communication flowing. Methods of communication can vary (phone calls, text messages, email, in person meetings), however, there must be one constant – the message itself.

Jason explains “It’s ok to be flexible with your communication style based on who you are communicating with, but you need to ensure each person is still hearing the exact same message.”

Jason is adamant that no matter what position you hold in the company, all employees receive the same information with the goal of creating a harmonious work environment.

Empathetic Communication

Each person has a journey and experiences that have shaped who they are today. Active listening allows us to understand perspectives and build trust with those around us. Communicators that manage expectations and speak openly, honestly, and directly become leaders that people want to follow.

Starting as a laborer, Jason has performed each task he asks others to do.

Jason states, “being able to relate to every employee has allowed me to form meaningful relationships and show them they are an equal, regardless of their position within the company.”

Growth at I-Solutions

I-Solutions has seen tremendous growth in recent years. It is because of the dedicated employees that are estimating and constructing quality projects each day that the company continues to thrive. The work at I-Solutions impacts how communities operate – specifically how people work and live. The failing infrastructure found across the United States includes the roads, sidewalks, and water systems we use daily. The estimators, project managers, project coordinators, accountants, operation manager and superintendents all play a part in the success of the organization.

As an affiliate of GBA Companies, I-solutions has access to resources unlike others in the industry. Affiliates of I-Solutions, GBA and GBA Builders, have industry knowledge and experience to assist with the work that I-Solutions performs. This collective approach is reminiscent of the phrase “it takes a village”. Success of each organization is the leadership, growth and future of the other.

The Future of I-Solutions

When looking towards the future, I-Solutions focuses on community needs and wants. With funding coming through the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, cities are expecting to have the resources available to finally make critical upgrades and improvements to their aging infrastructure. I-Solutions is ready to aid cities in these repairs, focusing on the transportation, water environment and site development markets. As a company that operates in the states of Kansas and Missouri, which respectively earn a C- in Stormwater from ASCE, these upgrades are a need not a want.

To learn more about I-Solutions and the services offered, visit

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