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Meet Kenny Hoy

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Before a project starts, it needs to be estimated. Enter – Kenny Hoy. After being around construction his whole life, Kenny was encouraged to pursue a career in the A/E/C industry by a teacher in high school. While attending college for architecture, his advisors helped him discover his true passion – construction.

Early in his career, Kenny estimated the construction projects he was also managing. During that time, the company, and a mentor he worked for, realized the opportunity for growth, and in return, wanted their employees to become more specialize. Because Kenny had worn so many hats early on in his career, including foreman, superintendent, and project manager, he understood the field and how processes worked. Due to his previous experience, his mentor recognized he excelled at estimating, and encouraged Kenny to take on a fulltime estimating role.

As a seasoned estimator, Kenny’s advice for those entering the industry is to obtain multiple internships and gain field experience. The more field experience you have, the more knowledgeable you will be as an estimator. He also recommends listening to and learning from your , superintendents and subcontractors, as this is a beneficial part of becoming a good estimator.

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