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Meet Tim Bulloc

Once a project is contracted, a site superintendent is assigned to ensure project success. At GBA Builders, Tim Bulloc is responsible for the day-to-day operations of construction projects. Leading the on-site project team, Tim priorities the safety of all while meeting schedule deadlines and keeping quality at the highest level.

Growing up, Tim’s uncle encouraged him to pursue a career in the construction industry. After high school, Tim enlisted in the Army during Operation Desert Storm. While in the Army, Tim worked in medical electronics – growing his leadership skills, developing hands-on experience, and learning as much as he could.

After a short enlistment and several years in the concrete industry, Tim has spent 24 years completing projects around the United States. He enjoys earning the satisfaction from finishing a project, not only a customer is pleased with, but one that would gain continuing consideration for future projects. Tim believes those seeking a career in construction should receive as much hands-on experience as possible. If you can learn disciplines such as carpentry, concrete and the principals of construction sequencing, you have taken the first steps down the path to what can be a very rewarding career.

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