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New Director of Preconstruction - Bob Myers

After years being known as “Pfizer Guy” at GBA Builders, Bob Myers has been promoted to Director of Preconstruction.

Growing up in a rural Kansas town, Bob learned the A/E/C industry early on from his father, a lineman for a rural electrical co-operative. After suffering a fall, Bob’s father opened his own electrical contracting company – starting Bob on his journey to where he is today.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Bob became a licensed electrician managing 60-man crews. When the industry started to evolve, so did Bob. His connections in the southwest Kansas area where he grew up allowed him to expand the business into other markets, including mechanical and piping systems. The area known for oil and gas corporations, allowed his company to carry out service work and gas compressor station work. The business grew from simple electrical contracting to heavy industrial. Bob began completing work in the petrochemical and food and beverage industry.

When business was booming, Bob advanced from an electrician into partial owner. His responsibilities included everything from payroll to ensuring project success. After years of running this successful business, Bob shifted gears to focus on farming.

“Pfizer Guy”

Once Bob’s stint with farming was finished, he applied for a corporate position with GBA Builders in McPherson, KS. Upon award, he naturally became dedicated to one client in particular – Pfizer. After several successful projects and developing a repour with this client, Bob became a welcome fixture at the Pfizer site. Along with the help others, he established the current teams working at the site and helps guarantee project success for all stakeholders.

GBA Builders Preconstruction Department

The GBA Builders preconstruction department is designed with the ultimate goal of constructing a project in the best way possible. Bob focuses on reconciling scopes, budgets, and schedules before the project is underway to minimize any issues that may arise. Bob believes that focusing on communication and building upon other’s strengths create meaningful changes in our communities.

To meet Bob and learn more about the preconstruction department, connect with him on LinkedIn or email.

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