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Women in Construction Week - Tori Bremner

Tori Bremner is a Process Engineer IV at AGC Biologics responsible for all GMP manufacturing equipment that enter the microbial manufacturing facilities. She oversees specifications, design, procurement, installation, and qualification of all process equipment that goes into making biologics.

When Tori was a student, she knew she wanted a career in pharmaceuticals. This industry allows her to be involved with the creation of life savings drugs. The potential to positively impact a person’s life was a personal mission for her.

After graduating, Tori joined a consulting firm based in Wisconsin and worked in Ireland, which focused on facility design and construction. This unique opportunity granted her time in the field and allowed her to gain useful construction experience that she now utilizes daily at AGC Biologics.

Advice to Women in Construction

Tori offers the advice, “Don’t be intimated. The industry is full of men, and it can be really intimating when you’re not only the youngest person in the room, but the only woman in the construction trailer.” She continues, “Your opinion matters, and you can keep up with everyone in the room.”

Fun Facts about Tori

Tori graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. She now lives in the Seattle area with her husband and dog. She enjoys being outdoors and hiking in the mountains. Contact Tori to learn more about being a Process Engineer at AGC.

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