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A homeowner’s worst nightmare: hire a contractor to make repairs only to be left with extra expenses and a huge mess – mold-infested walls, ruined flooring, and walls and ceilings left without drywall. GBA Builders, LLC recently donated their labor and cost of materials to an Olathe, Kansas homeowner to correct faulty construction done by an HVAC contractor. The project, currently being completed over several phases, will provide the homeowner with “peace-of-mind” knowing their home is safe and free from mold.

As part of the first phase, GBA Builders replaced drywall in the garage and lower level to seal off the HVAC return air path. Previously, the drywall became completely saturated with black mold because the original contractor didn’t properly install return air ductwork. With poor ventilation, the interior was too humid allowing mold to cultivate throughout the main living areas and upstairs bedrooms. The high humidity caused the homeowner to remove all carpeting, draperies, clothing, beds, fabric furniture, etc.

After replacing drywall in the garage and lower levels, GBA Builders taped and mudded to prepare for the sanding and painting phase. Inside the home, GBA Builders removed wallpaper, patched walls and replaced drywall as needed. With new drywall in place, the HVAC system began working properly; maintaining adequate humidity levels and enabling the issues with the mold to be eliminated. Additionally, GBA Builders constructed a new storage closet in the lower level and replaced damaged wood trim to match the interior of the home.

Phase two involved miscellaneous repairs and foundation stabilization repairs. GBA Builders provided observation and assistance with raising the foundation approximately one inch. Foundation repairs were required to stabilize an area of the house that was having settlement issues due to soil conditions and a prolonged drought.

Phase three will consist of new flooring and interior painting. As part of the on-going repair efforts, GBA Builders will continue to donate their labor and materials to help this homeowner regain control of their home and provide a safer, more functional home.

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