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To see your construction project through to successful completion, first you must have the right team. GBA Builders construction managers are experts at keeping your goals on task – within your budget, scope and timeline. We provide pre-construction consulting, general contracting, design-build and construction management at-risk services. Our construction managers effectively work as an extension of your staff; leading your projects forward by:

  • Coordinating all contracts, procurement and contractors

  • Controlling costs and schedules

  • Serving as the central point of communication and responsibility

  • Providing a hands-on approach to problem solving

  • Anticipating problems before they arise

GBA Builders will represent your best interests at every step and promote teamwork among all project stakeholders. In addition, we add clarity to even the most complicated technical aspects of your construction project; allowing you to make informed decisions that provide optimal results.

Our unique structure allows us to quickly deploy our team; enhancing communication and coordination from the earliest stages of your project through start-up and occupancy. With the entire construction team on the same page from day one, issues and challenges are identified early; analyzed comprehensively; and addressed quickly in-house, minimizing the impact to your project. 

GBA Builders has a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing. From facility design, to process enhancements, controls and logistics, our knowledge and passion ensures your products make it to market faster, safer and more efficiently. We bring our best team experience, knowledge and talent to every job site; no matter the size or scope.

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